GUMI GROUP – One of the leading outsourcing company in the Vietnam market

The evolution of market globalization has resulted in businesses outsourcing their products. The primary motivation for firms to go toward outsourcing is to reduce costs and increase profits in the manufacturing process. If you’re in a big market like the UK or the US. Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, and Canada are all countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Monk with superior skills. As a result, rather than outsourcing engineers in their own nations, businesses are increasingly opting for the option of hiring engineers in Asian countries, where these engineers can perform equivalent tasks at a cheaper cost than domestic labor.  ​​As a result, with the exception of nations with rich potential such as India and China, Vietnam is currently the market where foreign corporations prefer to concentrate on exploiting resources because the cost is claimed to be lower than in other countries. Asian countries’ common ground, as well as people’s stability and technical level, are steadily improving.

We are gumi Group, a powerful team that is always inventing and creating new technology solutions. Throughout its operations, gumi Group has always strived to achieve the greatest aim of customer satisfaction through a professional working style that ensures project correctness and punctuality. In the framework of global economic integration, we are pioneers in new technology trends that contribute to the country’s modernization.

gumi Group was formed from gumi Japan – gumi Vietnam – VAND – VAND Creative – gumi Solutions.

gumi Japan

Starting as a TVC agency, gumi Japan has evolved and expanded its function to include services ranging from concept development to strategic planning to production and operation of technical projects, with a concentration on advertising video editing, design 2D and 3D graphics.

gumi Việt Nam

Taking on the role of a fast developing Information Technology firm in the Vietnam market since 2012, with approximately 200 members, providing software service packages and innovative digital content items. Gumi Vietnam’s core strength is currently focused on creating two types of outsourcing:

  • Project-Based : Human resources and costs are formed based on the requirements of the project’s in the short term.
  • Dedicated Team/ (LABO) : Provide a team with full Project Management, Project Leader, Developer, Tester, and Communicator resources to meet customer needs.

gumi Solutions

For many industries, the company consults and produces innovative technology solutions focused on AR/VR technology, interactive technology, and 3D projection mapping technology. gumi Solutions is also a top solution supplier for companies who are designing and developing websites and mobile applications.

gumi Solutions thinks that with the “service-based” criterion, it is not just about supplying products but also about offering “services” to clients. The core of the company’s development is its concern for, and ability to care for, and address the challenges that consumers have.


As a consultant for information technology solutions, the organization conducts research and connects Japanese customers. VAND will be in charge of implementing system design elements such as specifications, screen designs, project management, and work quality to ensure complete client satisfaction.

VAND Creative

VAND Creative, a Japanese company in Vietnam that was combined with gumi in 2021, operates as an innovator and an effective arm for brand development by focusing on the essential meaning of designs. Strategic planning based on a detailed examination of your basic principles, corporate philosophy, and marketing tactics for competing items. VAND Creative understands and is continuously on the lookout for new ways to bring customers’ ideas to life, assisting businesses in their long-term growth.

It can be claimed that gumi Group has evolved into the Vietnamese market with the goal of offering the finest value and solutions to businesses when hiring, based on its success in the Japanese market and the steel spirit of the Japanese people. external outsourcing, human resources

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