Interactive Techonology

Optimize the interactive experience

We continuously update and apply new technologies, develop new interaction methods to give customer businesses a leading edge over the remaining competitors.


Augmented Reality (AR) – Augmented reality technology is an interactive experience that allows players to see virtual objects right in real space. From there, players have more vivid experiences with the brand’s products.

Virtual Reality (VR) – Virtual reality technology is a virtual world simulation experience through VR glasses that helps players explore virtual space in just a snap.

Touch Engagement

Interactive wall or Sensor screen is a typical product that “gumi house” has accompanied agencies to deploy at events for many years to help brands convey information to customers in an impressive way. through touch points.

Gesture Recognition

With gesture recognition techniques and new devices & technologies, gumi has developed interactive games that help bring interesting experiences to customers and connect customers closer. than with the brand.

Why is interactive technology the current trend?

  • Optimize customer experience in event organization
  • Increase connection & make a strong impression in the eyes of customers
  • Increase business performance, management & employee training
  • Modernize organizational stages and reduce human resources

Where can Interactive Technology be applied?

  • Opening event, new product launch
  • Appreciation ceremony for customers and partners
  • Exhibition tour
  • Shopping mall
  • Children’s play area, etc.


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