Phi Phi

A real-time photo sharing application that automatically allows users to share photos and subsequently displays them right at the event with a user-friendly interface: no extra app needed – don’t need to create an account or register at any stage, so that everyone can enjoy the pictures you take right away. Phi Phi is used in year end parties, corporate birthdays or large corporate events. You can create Phi Phi’s form by replacing the photos with the wishes or signatures of the guests coming to the event.

Zenkai Racing

Zenkai Racing is considered to simulate almost 90% of the movements of an actual racing car from the steering wheel, accelerator, brake … which are designed like life-size car to the motion/vibration system, will certainly surprise you by giving you a realistic driving feel right on the track. In addition, this F1 racing simulator is also equipped with VR glasses so that the drivers can immerse in the real racing world.