Gesture Recognition

Human body tracking

Human body tracking technology or Face recognition is applied in many different cases at events just through the Webcam, gumi has successfully applied this technology in specialized tasks:

  • Image Processing and Face Recognition during check in
  • Read real-time emotions on faces: sad, happy, angry
  • Analyze the shape of the moving skeleton
  • Text detection and recognition


Kinect is a device that integrates a depth sensor to help perform a number of special tasks applying outstanding technology ideas such as:

  • Analyze body movements and gestures
  • Detect human body temperature
  • Identify skeletons and attach objects to the human body

Some gumi projects have been successfully implemented: Footstep recognition game to control the flower basket, Dressing mirror, Interactive wall, etc.

Aruco Marker (AR Piano)

Thanks to Aruco Marker recognition technology, when your baby touches any key with Aruco (black boxes with code letters on the floor), the sound of the pre-set key will sound. Just like that, the notes will form a complete piece of music. AR Piano is also combined with a scoring system to help children know their score after each turn.


ARM stands for Animated Responsive Monitor, an interactive game that uses projection and sensor technology. With small screens assembled, you will show advertising videos with special effects. No longer simply showing promotional videos like the traditional way, ARM will help your customers pay attention and be impressed with the information you want to convey.

Combined with the Realsense sensor, ARM interactive games help players interact and control the screen through flexible hand movements. With a sturdy rotating shaft system firmly attached to the screen, screen rotation movements will become smooth and safe.

Magical Spray

With “Magical Spray“, you don’t need to worry about preparing items such as crayons, paper… You just need to use a spray bottle and follow its operating mechanism with the projection screen. Enjoy the results right away.

  • A projection screen where you will see uncolored pictures and images.
  • A spray bottle with a camera sensor attached, is a color recognition tool for you to color paintings and images. You just need to spray color on the projection screen and the product will automatically color it for you.
  • Many different colored objects, are the source of color for the spray can. You can choose a color from any object around you, the spray bottle will recognize and spray that color onto the projection screen.

Phi Phi

A real-time photo sharing application that automatically allows users to share photos and subsequently displays them right at the event with a user-friendly interface: no extra app needed – don’t need to create an account or register at any stage, so that everyone can enjoy the pictures you take right away. Phi Phi is used in year end parties, corporate birthdays or large corporate events. You can create Phi Phi’s form by replacing the photos with the wishes or signatures of the guests coming to the event.

Zenkai Racing

Zenkai Racing is considered to simulate almost 90% of the movements of an actual racing car from the steering wheel, accelerator, brake … which are designed like life-size car to the motion/vibration system, will certainly surprise you by giving you a realistic driving feel right on the track. In addition, this F1 racing simulator is also equipped with VR glasses so that the drivers can immerse in the real racing world.