Touch Engagement


gumi created Miruwa with the desire to bring you an intuitive feeling when controlling the bracelet with Analog signals. Through the wooden ring, you can see it as a digital magnifying glass. Using the wooden ring to touch and rotate, the information you want to know will be displayed on the screen.

Through a digital magnifying glass, you can explore information using technology in the most traditional way. Choose to keep a planet you like and discover more about its surrounding connections by rotating the rotation 30 degrees.

Toru Toru Kun

This incorporates the use of smart information display and the function of instantly downloading such information to users’ own devices by scanning QR code on the screen. By giving people a more consumer-like experience, you also give them a sense of control to access information. This is an efficacious tool used by businesses to personalize these user experiences without the need to add costly headcount.


An interactive signage that identifies the gender, age, etc. of the person approaching the display, the according display content will automatically appear as a response to the identified user’s features. This is not only a “smart salesperson” but also an add-on market research tool that helps users to actively engage in real time. This project helps to leave a remarkable impact on any user who stops by and improves customer satisfaction rates.


This is a “transparent display” that conveys the appeal of multiple products at once. Particularly, when you slide the transparent monitor, the product video will be displayed according to the movement. By this mean, your brand now is able to communicate the product features to your customers in an active way.
Products and images can be moved together as a set, so there is a big room for displaying. Additionally, it is flexible to add or replace products when needed.


A transparent display is designed to let your products do the storytelling. Your customers can clearly view products through the highly transparent box while interacting with the vivid digital information on the outside screen. gumizu creates instant interactive experiences and produce fast on-the-spot sales with the infrared touchscreen sensors. In addition, this project could be ideal to highlight your exquisite products to effectively attract more customers.

Card Apps Solution

Card Apps Solution is an O2O (Online to Offline) solution that brings a completely new concept, enabling content on applications and browsers based on special techniques by touching the card on the screen of the device. sensors such as smartphones, tablets … A compact, convenient card with many touch points containing countless useful information that businesses want to convey to customers.
Card Apps are often used for the following purposes: Cards for guests to the event, integrated touch points: check-ins, event introduction videos, event maps, general information about products instead of leaflets. Tourist point introduction cards are distributed in tourist information centers, incorporating touch points to guide tourist destinations.


This is a technology that can turn any wall into an interactive surface. When users touch the wall, the projector subsequently triggers content, such as video animation and images, that brings the wall to life, creating a surprising and engaging experience. All you need to complete an interactive projection system is a PC, depth sensors and a projector.

Sakana Bakari

This application uses the Leap Motion controller, a small infrared camera, which while in use, it will track the user’s hands and finger movement in the real-time space. The project lets people to explore things that are hard to measure in real life in a complete new way. To point, reach, grab, to pick something up and move it in the virtual world.

On the track

Transform virtually any objects on the table top into a stunning visual showcase through inspirational live projection of animation images and graphics. By harnessing the use of an infrared camera and a projection, the table reacts to people’s action and objects on the surface and creates attractive animated graphics in real-time according to the movement. With the eye-catching animation of cartoon characters, your audience will be immersed, engaged and entertained to explore your products.

Projection Mapping

With the technique of using light to create interactive image blocks in two-dimensional space, Projection Mapping will help 3D effects and sample objects match up to the smallest details, making large spaces become attractively and colorfully with only one or multiple projectors output and the video reaches super resolution. Projection Mapping uses Kinect to determine the player’s hand direction and control the effect to follow that movement. Projection Mapping can be applied to outdoor stages, indoors and commercial centers in order to attract interaction, create brand imprint, and help achieve huge profits when convincing customers.