Owning an effective website is not easy


The original concept when reading is still quite confusing and not easy to distinguish the difference between building a website and website solutions. But there is indeed a huge difference here. Nowadays, business era has almost meant e-commerce and thousands of new websites are launched every day, serving many different purposes. But perhaps the one point businesses have overlooked and forgotten, is almost impossible to find on search engines.

Website programming techniques’ re changed every day, programming language versions’re released a new version every few months, frameworks’re kept updating,v.v.. While corporate website is still as old, the load gets heavier, the data swells, the site structure becomes confusing and businesses often ignore these problems!

Most businesses today don’t focus on investing and building websites and that leads to ineffective websites and not getting high traffic from customers, which leads to the rate of attracting customers poor and revenue decline.


To create a effective website, the first thing you need to understand is who your customers are? Do not challenge customers when they visit your website. Most importantly, the interface must match each goal that the business wants to aim for.

The following factors need to be identified as follows:

Layout (how the layout is reasonable, if not fluent, you can have graphic designer consult, predetermine the methods that

you can market, study how to interact on social networks. Never forget search engines, on search engines now look like a fierce battlefield, if your website is forgotten by the search engines or beaten by your competitors then this is a big problem.

Before starting to build a website you need to have a clear view of whether your website is in line with your initial goals and target audience. If you do not have experience and technical resources, please seek out consultants who will provides solutions for your website.


Core values ​​being a good start is also part of a website’s success strategy

  • Domain name: choosing the right domain name is very important to identify and develop a long-term brand name, calculate as SEO so that Google can display search results when users need it. There are several currently popular ways for people to consult your branding domain, you can go to Goddady and search the domain (not necessarily buying from Godaddy). The results show whether the domain name has been purchased or not and there is another part is suggesting which domain names have similar names but have not been registered, if you register in Vietnamese, you can ask for suggestions of the Matbao registration page.
  • Interface design and website services: Finding a reputable service provider that is the most useful advice for you, paying attention to the terms of service maintenance. Please don’t be in a hurry to choose the first service that you find because you have many options, judging by the products they have made, through their working style.

E-mail management: Email is the key to communicate successfully business . Do not use the system’s default email (here is the email of hosting) but should interact with Google’s Gmail.

Social network interaction: Blogging, a business needs a Blog entry to be a place to interact with users, providing valuable information and knowledge to everyone to from which sources access the website. will be higher. In addition, RSS is not to be missed to be able to update news via Email for users quickly.


Web hosting: In essence, when choosing web hosting, you should think about how well it applies to search engines first. We need a good, stable and fast hosting. For example, for anyone using the wordpress platform, there are hosting providers that provide optimized packages for wordpress. So choosing for yourself a web hosting is not simply looking at the parameters and choosing to be done.

Website maintenance: maintaining here we do not understand in the sense of error of code and fix bug but how you will update content for the website. How often will there be new articles for the website, products launched massively for a while, sometimes there is nothing more updated site a month. Consider 2 options, between 3 lessons per week and 7 lessons per week you should choose the first solution.


Using tools will help you a lot in understanding who your customers are, where, and their behavior when they visit your website.

In terms of how to market your website effectively, you need to answer the following questions:

  1. How can customers find your website on the Internet?
  2. Will you optimize your website by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or use SEM (Search Engine Marketing) tactics or both?
  3. Have you listed keywords and a list of products yet?

Website Analytics and Conversion: Having a good website does not mean that customers will find, purchase, participate in activities on the site, contact…. You need to master the basics of analytics and conversion to be able to understand customer tastes and psychology.

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